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Snail slime is a substance produced by snail snails, which has long been used in medicine and cosmetics for its moisturizing and soothing properties. The substance used in the cosmetic sector is the slime produced by the Helix Aspersa variety, the most prized species of snails in the Mediterranean basin.

Snail slime is used for the benefits offered to hair and skin and for its powerful antioxidant properties, guaranteed by the high concentration of vitamin E, which is the main weapon against the damaging action of free radicals and cellular aging. . More and more cosmetics use this substance: manufacturing companies advertise above all its anti-aging and firming power on the skin. Precious substances such as collagen and elastin have the power to regenerate the epidermis, making it more elastic, soft and hydrated. Furthermore, its regulatory action has also been ascertained: according to recent studies, snail slime would be able to normalize the production of sebum, one of the main causes of blemishes such as pimples and blackheads.

Wrinkle treatment

Very effective in anti-wrinkle treatment, as it stimulates collagen synthesis, due to the action of glycolic acid combined with elastin, mucopolysaccharides, vitamins and collagen.

Healing: due to the combined effect of some substances, such as collagen, allantoin and vitamins.

Anti-stretch marks: for the regenerating action of vitamins and proteins and the exfoliating action of glycolic acid.

Effective against blemishes and acne marks: thanks to the smoothing, exfoliating and purifying properties of glycolic acid, further enhanced by the soothing effect of the other components.

Snail slime is available in the form of gels and creams and can be applied directly to the areas of the body that you want to treat. The products dedicated to hair, on the other hand, are based on solutions created to improve the elasticity, hydration and thickness of dry and brittle hair.

Benefits on the skin

The properties of snail slime-based creams are many:

Moisturizing: thanks to mucopolysaccharides, film-forming substances that have the power to retain water on the skin and ensure a long-lasting moisturizing effect.

Soothing: useful for redness due to prolonged exposure to the sun or cold.

Regenerating and nourishing: thanks to the strong presence of vitamins and proteins.

Snail slime can also improve the appearance of dry and dehydrated skin, thanks to its moisturizing power and the film-forming substances it contains, which limit the evaporation of water.

Furthermore, the glycolic acid present in it is known for its marked purifying properties, being able to assist the regenerating action of exfoliating treatments.

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